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Wintering area WWF Oasi Laguna di Orbetello (Tuscany)

'Reason for Hope'

Reintroduction of the Northern  Bald Ibis in Europe

Wintering area WWF Oasi Laguna di Orbetello (Tuscany)

Local partners: WWF Italy; WWF Oasi Italy

Coordinates: N42° 29' 2.051", E11° 12' 40.331"  (WWF Oasi Laguna di Orbetello, visitor center)

Since 2002, the WWF Oasi Laguna di Orbetello is the common wintering area of our Northern Bald Ibises. In autumn, the birds arrive in Tuscany. Thereby they cover a distance of more than 1000 km from their breeding area either by themselves, accompanied by inexperienced young birds or in the course of the human-led migration.

From September to April, the Northern Bald Ibises stay at the protected area and are permanently free-flying. During the day they forage on nearby grasslands and fields; for sleeping they return to the WWF Oasis.

At the beginning of April the spring-time migration starts and the number of birds at the Oasis decreases. The adult individuals (at the age of 2-3 years) return to their breeding area. Only some young birds stay at the protected area during the whole summer. 

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