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'Reason for Hope'

Reintroduction of the Northern  Bald Ibis in Europe



The typical feeding habitat of Northern Bald Ibises are greenlands (also golf courses and other sports grounds) and - mainly extensive cultivated - farmlands. As those structures lie mainly nearby human settlements and are created by humans, the Northern Bald Ibis may be considered as synanthropic species. The birds feed mainly upon insects and their larvae and earthworms, which they pick out of the soil by using their sensitive bills. 

The breeding habitat of Northern Bald Ibises is characterized by steep rock cliffs with niches; the protection against extreme weather conditions and predators is very important. As observed within captive and free flying, sedentary colonies (e.g. at the Konrad- Lorenz- Forschungsstelle in Upper Austria or the Tierpark Rosegg in Carinthia), Northern Bald Ibises also accept artificial breeding structures. Historic references tell us that the birds also used towers and ruins to breed. Until the end of the last millennium a huge Northern Bald Ibis colony existed at Birecik (Turkey). 

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